Lipoma, Cyst, Mass

It’s not all bad news, not everything is a cancerous, or even pre-cancerous lesion.

Many lumps, masses, bumps that you will find are simple, benign lesions that will be treated surgically.


Common, rubbery mass found under the skin that generally grows slowly.

Nearly all are removed simply in the office.

Generally all benign.  Fast growing/painful are concerning.

Imaging may be performed, but often diagnosis is clinical.

Sebaceous Cyst

Skin based lesion.  Hard mass that is adherent to skin.

May become infected or drain intermittently.

May be injected with steroids or suppressed with antibiotics.

Removed in office under local anesthesia.


Raised, hard bump, often pink in color.

Caused by previous trauma, cut, bug bite.

Simple removal in office.

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