Thigh Lift

Skin laxity is common in the upper/inner thigh area.  Surgical removal of the loose skin improves the contours of the leg and helps tighten the skin.

After weight loss, skin laxity is common  due to the very thin nature of the skin on the inner thigh.  It simply does not “snap back” well after weight loss, or for that matter liposuction alone.  Therefore skin removal surgery, and it’s tightening effect may be needed.

Crescent – Underwear Lift

This type of thigh lift places a scar along the underwear line at the groin crease.  It may extend slightly into the buttock/posterior thigh crease as well.

This removes skin in a vertical (thigh to knee) direction and lifts and tightens the upper inner thigh.

The scar is relatively hidden, but often can be seen if looking at the underwear/bathing suit line.  However, in shorts and skirts the scar cannot be seen.

This requires general anesthesia, and takes about 1 1/2 hours.  It is often combined with a bit of liposuction on the inner thigh and knee area.

Full Length – “T” or Hockey Stick

This thigh lift removed much more skin and often is used for weight loss patients.  The removal is in both directions, lifting the thigh towards the groin crease, but also reducing it circumferentially as well.  This will also have an effect all the way down the thigh to the knee area.

This scar is much more visible obviously.

This requires general anesthesia, takes about 2 hours and similarly is often combined with liposuction of the thigh as well.

Compression is worn after surgery for 4 weeks, with 1-2 weeks off work.


In a few patients there is also laxity and or fullness in the calf as well.  The scar can be continued down to the ankle area.

This is a difficult recovery and with higher risks of healing issues after surgery and higher risk of swelling in the leg and foot after surgery as well.

This represents 5% or less of patients.

Risks of thigh lift

  • Slow healing
  • Scarring which can be significant
  • Numbness in the skin
  • Swelling in the leg/ankle/foot
  • Revision surgery

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