Lateral Brow Lift

This the most commonly performed brow lift in the  practice.  This involves elevating the lateral third of the eyebrow.  Therefore, this prevents the medial segments from being elevated which for many people may lead to a surprised look.  Essentially the lateral brow trails off, elevating just that corrects the deformity and looks natural.

This procedure is done through an incision either just in the hairline or along the hairline above the lateral brow area.

Subcutaneous dissection allows the skin to move very well and reproducibly elevate the lateral brow.

If done alone or in combination with an upper blepharoplasty it is usually done in the office under local anesthesia.  However, many will choose to have anesthesia and involve other areas of facial rejuvenation.

Since this technique is not relying on full elevation of the entire musculature of the forehead I have found it to be much more predictable and reproducible.


Sutures are left for 7 to 12 days. Limited activity for 1 week. “Black eyes” are still possible and can takes weeks to clear. Exercise is begun at 3 to 4 weeks post procedure.

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