Forehead Reduction

If you are a woman or man with a good stable hairline but a high or tall forehead that gives you a bad aesthetic; forehead reduction may be the answer.

The forehead reduction uses an incision made along the hairline and forehead skin that is not hairbearing is removed to shorten the height of the forehead.

Additionally to ensure that it is the scalp to move forward and not necessarily the eye brows and forehead to move upward,  extensive release and dissection of the scalp is performed over the entire top of the scalp.

This procedure is almost exclusively performed in the operating room under anesthesia; however, it remains outpatient.

The scar is generally noticeable for 2 to 3 months, and then begins to blend in pretty well.  Under close examination of the scar  it will always be visible.

The results are impressive and can change your appearance quite significantly, or only mildly in a more limited mobilization.

Bruising and swelling is present and soreness, akin to a significant headache generally lasts 2-5 days.

Most people require 5 to 7 days off work.  Others will take longer to ensure that the bruising has all resolved which can take 2 to even 3 weeks.

Exercise will begin approximately 1 month post procedure.

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