Fat Transfer

Aging is multi-factorial.  One of the important parts is loss of volume.  The face begins to get more hollow especially through the midface/cheek area.

Additionally fullness often begins to show up in the areas of the jowl and along the jawline and neck area.

Fat transfer reshapes the pre-malar area or front of the cheek under the eye area.  At times it is extended out laterally over the prominence of the cheekbone.  Hollowness under the lateral cheekbone, or above it in the temporal hollow can be addressed with this method.

Fat is harvested from another part of the body where there is excess fat either the abdomen or thighs.

That fat is then carefully handled and processed followed by being precisely reinjected into areas to reshape and recontour the sites.

The goal of this is to achieve a natural result essentially replacing the fat that has been lost over the years to give people a more youthful appearance.

The goal of this procedure is not to overfill or lead to some of the “peaked/pointy” cheeks that are all too often seen in patients with too much filler and exhibit that “plastic” look.

The fat transfer leads to longstanding results that show improvement even years later.

Initially patients will have swelling and often bruising.  Further, there is a bit of overcorrection needed as in the end only 70 to 80% of the fat will survive.

In general most people look fine by 2 weeks and look good by 4 weeks.  The more final result is seen at approximately 3 months.

Risk of Procedure

There is a possibility of overcorrection or under correction

Possibility of lumps or indentations

Injury to the underlying structures most notably the nerves or muscles

Requires a second harvest site

Could lead to hard areas or scarring under the skin in rare cases

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