This procedure continues to become more popular as women are able to easily research this from the comfort of their own home.

Many women suffer with prominence of the labia minora, and now are finding out that there has been a minor surgical procedure available the whole time.

The term “vaginal rejuvenation” is often utilized along with labiaplasty. This procedure addresses only external anatomy and does not affect the internal moisture/tightening of the vagina itself.


Having prominence/extension of the labia minora can lead to multiple issues for patient’s including an unsightly bump present in bathing suits and or stretch pants.  Potential for difficulty or discomfort with sexual activity.  Pain or discomfort when exercising, especially when pressuring the area as in riding a bike or horse.

While there are many anatomic variants, the excess overgrowth of labia minora for some was present their whole life, for others it occurs after childbirth.   Still others will see it with natural aging.

The Procedure

Correction involves a surgical procedure by which the excessive labia minora is removed/trimmed.

Following the excision the area is sutured with a dissolving suture.   The patient wears an absorbent pad post procedure and will refrain from tub baths for the first 3 weeks.  Sutures if not absorbed are removed at 2 weeks time.

Approximately 80% of procedures are done in the office under local anesthesia.  20% choose to have anesthesia however the procedure as outpatient.

Recovery leads to soreness that keeps people out of work for a long weekend.  Strenuous activity is limited generally for 3 weeks.  Sexual activity resumes at approximately 4 weeks.


Satisfaction rates are very high for patient’s both in the cosmetic appearance, as well as in the functional improvements from wearing bathing suits and tight fitting pants up to even sexual activity.

For most people the scarring is relatively minor and blends in pretty well as the edge of the labia minora generally is not perfectly smooth anyway.

Adjuvant treatments such as clitoral hood resection or fat transfer to the labia majora for deflation of that area may be added to the procedure.

In rare cases generally extreme weight loss there is significant excess of the labia majora as well.  This can be treated with surgical excision as well.  This however leads to scars that are more visible, however for these individuals the trade off is generally functional in nature.

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