Monsplasty – Pubic Reduction

For many women after childbirth and others with significant weight loss there becomes a significant fullness and sagging of the pubic/mons area.  This leads to bulging in the underwear that is both unsightly and at times uncomfortable and may cause significant chafing and rashing.

While this procedure is occasionally performed on its own; generally it is part of the abdominoplasty procedure.

In all of our abdominoplasty procedures this area is evaluated for fullness as well as ptosis.  If there is fullness alone, liposuction or direct excision is performed.  If there is ptosis, the area is elevated upward in combination with the downward pull of the abdominal skin.

When there is ptosis or fullness present only in this area with a nice abdominal contour, targeted treatment of the mons/pubic area is performed.  For fullness alone, simple liposuction will work.  For ptosis, a small scar approximately the length of a C-section scar is necessary.  If the C-section scar is already present, that scar is used; otherwise a similar length scar, generally slightly lower on the pubic area is used for the direct excision and liposuction to elevate the mons.

Satisfaction rates are high for this procedure.  If combined with abdominoplasty a drain is always used.  In certain cases a drain may be utilized in a monsplasty alone.

Recovery to full exercise requires 3 to 4 weeks, however a long weekend is generally all that is required until you can get back to light/desk type work.

The majority of the monsplasty procedures alone are performed in the office under local anesthesia.  When combined with abdominoplasty the procedure is always performed under anesthesia.

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